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    What's new in Sign In Scheduling

    What's new in Sign In Scheduling

    New and Updated User Interface 

    Since our very first customer was onboarded, the team at Sign In Scheduling has been committed to providing technology solutions to ensure appointments happen more effectively. 

    As part of Sign In Solutions, we’re redefining and reimagining the visitor experience. Together, we’re building tools to elevate experiences for visitors and employees, reduce risk and optimise operations - all from the very first invite. 

    To help us realize this goal, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been working with our wider team to enhance our user interface and booking pages. 

    This collaboration is driven by a shared belief: technology should be an enabler, a tool that simplifies your daily tasks. Our goal is to enhance the platform with a cleaner, more intuitive interface, aligning with the needs of our diverse and growing customer base.

    These updates, focusing on usability and efficiency, are designed to make it easier than ever to book appointments, manage availability and customize the booking process. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the first enhancements you can expect to see.

    We understand that change can be daunting, but we are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible. Your feedback is invaluable to us during this process, so please reach out to the team with any comments, questions or concerns.

    We’re excited to share this next step of our journey with you, and we thank you for your continued trust and support.



    New Online Booking Pages

    Online booking pages play a crucial role in giving your clients a fantastic booking experience. In our latest updates, we have given online booking pages a brand new look and interface to make the booking process quicker, smoother, and more appealing. 

    The new booking page has 2 different views: Landing Page View and Booking Page View.

    1. Landing Page View

    With the landing page mode, you can fully customize your booking page with your organization’s logo, a header image and display additional information such as your cancellation policy, social media links, and more. 

    This enables you to have uniform branding, provide a personalized booking experience and be transparent - helping to build trust with your clients.

    Landing page mode is especially beneficial if you don’t have an existing online presence and your booking page is the first touch point for your clients.


    2. Booking Page View

    This fresh and clean view enables your clients to go through the booking process seamlessly, by only showing information that is essential for them. 

    By displaying only essential information, this view ensures that booking pages remain uncluttered, reducing visual overload for clients, and saving time by quickly moving through the booking process. 

    Booking page mode is especially beneficial if you already have an existing online presence and want your clients to book an appointment as effortlessly as possible.

    To enable it, simply head over to Booking Page Customization in your account.


    In addition to the two new views, we have further simplified the steps required to book an appointment, making the process easy and giving your clients the best in class booking experience. 



    New Manage Page 

    Our settings page has undergone a significant transformation to provide you with a more intuitive and streamlined experience. 

    You can now access all your account settings in one location, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages. Everything from setting up new services to managing availability, all under one easy-to-navigate menu. 

    To enable it, simply reach out to us via help@signinscheduling.com 




    Smart messaging (Powered by AI)

    Smart messaging is an AI-powered solution that automatically helps your clients with their queries when they reply to your confirmation messages and reminders. The feature enables you to respond promptly to your clients, as well as precious admin time that can be better spent on providing an excellent service to your clients on site. 

    It also ensures that your clients receive immediate assistance, improving overall satisfaction. Whether it is 10 queries a day or 100, Smart Messaging can effortlessly scale to handle a large number of interactions simultaneously. 

    To enable it, you can head to Set Up > Communications > Smart Messaging. From there, you can talk to the AI Assistant, ask questions, and test its knowledge — all as if you were a client.

    The information you provide to the AI Assistant is key as it will use these details to reply to clients. For example, you can write prompts for directions on how to find your organization, nearest parking or what clients should bring with them. You can also write tone of voice instructions such as “Always reply professionally”.

    Remember: if the AI Assistant doesn't give the perfect answer the first time, tweak the instructions and try again until it gives responses you like.



    An end-to-end visitor experience with Sign In App

    Enhance your visitors’ experience from the moment they book, right up until they come to their appointment with the smart and safe way to sign in. 

    Our Sign In App integration pre-registers visitors when they book an appointment for a seamless sign in process when they visit your site. If they don’t sign in at their appointment, they’ll automatically be marked as a no-show in Sign In Scheduling. 

    Thus you can connect appointment bookings to your site’s sign-in kiosk, ensuring accurate records of clients who attended their appointments. This simplifies tracking and enables better follow-up, encouraging repeat business. 



    Pre-visit SMS check in

    As part of bringing you visitor management solutions of the future, we have introduced remote check-ins. Now, you can easily reduce wait times for your clients and staff, enabling them to check in using SMS; saying goodbye to queues with a simple, straightforward process.

    With the SMS check in feature, your clients will be able to check in for their appointments from the parking lot or other nearby locations - improving the accessibility of your site. SMS check-ins do not require a smartphone or specific technology, making it inclusive for a diverse customer base.



    Google Meet integration

    Virtual appointments are now even better with our new Google Meet integration. 

    It works alongside your Google Calendar sync. Just like with Zoom or MS Teams, the meeting links are automatically sent to customers, and added to appointments in all your calendars.

    Your clients and staff members can join the meetings from their confirmation and reminder emails at the click of a button. The integration will enhance your organization’s virtual appointment experience by providing a seamless and efficient process for scheduling, communicating, and joining meetings. 

    To activate it - go to the Calendar Sync page, and enable Google Meet.

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