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    Improving Patient Loyalty through Patient Experience

    Improving Patient Loyalty through Patient Experience

    Learn how to retain and acquire new patients by providing best-in-class Patient Experience (PX).

    As your patients become more and more empowered with choice, understand the positive impact of providing an efficient, user-friendly, streamlined, digital PX.

    Hear how to:
    • Reduce costs by reducing no-show rates
    • Retain loyal patients through improved patient engagement
    • Improve operational efficiencies and staffing with patient flow and behavioural insight
    • Reduce admin time and eliminate scheduling errors
    • Optimize your capacity with no change in the cost base
    • Create more opportunities for revenue growth
    Hear the lively discussion as we also unravel some statistics, and share Healthcare industry insights and benchmarks.

    Who is it for?

    Passionate healthcare professionals, keen to transform their patients’ experience and colleagues' work lives. For example leaders of patient engagement, patient experience and clinical operations, plus pathology and phlebotomy managers.
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