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    The Six Best Business Management Software Tools In 2022

    The Six Best Business Management Software Tools In 2022

    Traditionally, businesses relied on people and books for managing their tasks. Since the advent of computers, companies have added business management software to the mix as an extra layer of support for organizing their workload, reducing costs, automating tasks, and managing their time better.

    But what exactly is business management software? Any application that can automate processes, eliminate errors, collect data, and increase the efficiency of a company can be qualified as business management software. 


    What makes a business management tool the “best”? 

    Every business has its own unique needs. A good business management tool is one that helps solve problems that a company is facing at present or might face in the future. 

    When deciding which software works the best for you, you can consider tools that thrive on innovation and offer customizations based on the needs of your business. Ideally, the new platform needs to integrate into your existing ways of working, offer a vast integration library, and have detailed training and support material. 

    Of course, pricing is another important factor and a free trial can sweeten the deal. And finally, read up on what other customers say about the software solution you have your eyes on. Independent review sites such as Capterra, G2, and Reviews.io are some of the best customer review platforms to turn to.

    Here are some of our favorites…


    1. ClickUp




    ClickUp is an easy-to-use project management tool designed to efficiently manage all business-related tasks. Whether you’re a business owner, project manager, or team member, ClickUp empowers you to handle multiple projects at once. 

    You can set up templates, priorities, and notifications. Another cool feature of ClickUp is the different views available including board, list, box, calendar, table, timeline, and more.


    2. Fyle




    Fyle is an AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) expense management software built to streamline the entire process from expense reporting to managing receipts.  Fyle boosts both the finance team and employees’ efficiency. It takes care of the mundane expense reporting and managing tasks with the help of automation.

    Whenever an employee incurs a work-related expense such as a WiFi or phone bill, they can quickly get reimbursed through Fyle. All they need to do is submit the receipts or invoices along with their expense report present within the software. The platform helps finance teams by automatically reconciling credit card transactions, expenses, and receipts. 

    Fyle can be integrated with your favorite accounting software solutions too. No more manual data entry or costly errors.

    The software also comes with a robust policy check engine to empower you to audit expense reports in real-time, And it helps curb potential fraud and increase compliance with company policies.


    3. Unito




    Do you work with a lot of different software solutions at your company? If you do, Unito is a tool that could glue all of them together for you. Unito is a workflow management software that enables you to set up deep, two-way integrations between your tools of choice. You can manage cross-functional projects, collaborate between teams, and build a unique workflow. 

    Unito is easy to set up, comes with a force-sync function, and is super intuitive. Mapping various fields and having full control over them means that you’ll be able to design a workflow that helps you push projects over the line quickly. 


    4. Qilk Sense 




    Analytics is one of the key areas that you need to focus on to effectively grow your business. But looking at numbers all day can get quite boring. Data presented through a visual platform can be better analyzed and communicated. This is where Qilk Sense thrives. 

    Qilk Sense enables companies to analyze customer behavior, reinvent business processes, find multiple revenue streams, and manage risks. It comes with self-service analytics (so you don’t need to ask your IT team for help), interactive dashboards, conversational, custom, and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, and reporting. 


    5. Integromat 




    Integromat is not just another process automation tool. Along with direct support for a plethora of popular apps, it can also connect to any web service available on the internet. Integromat enables you to organize, transform and distribute your data to other apps and partners. 

    Integromat thrives on supporting online stores, software development teams, banking, digital sales, connecting mobile apps, improving customer support, and more.


    6. 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software


    Calendar design with panels-1


    You didn’t think we forgot to mention appointment scheduling software, did you? A big part of managing a business is making sure that the right people are in the Start taking bookings onlineright place at the right time. Regardless if you’re a remote worker, freelancer, or a team leader at a large corporate, booking meetings be it internal staff catch-ups or external client meetings, 10to8 scheduling software will come in handy.

    10to8’s automated email and text reminders can reduce no-shows by up to 90%. It offers features such as 2-way calendar sync, personalized booking pages, online payments, and integrates with over 1,500 apps. 

    And cherry on top, customers love 10to8 – see for yourself on G2.

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