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    The 11 Best Healthcare App Ideas To Keep an Eye on in 2022

    The 11 Best Healthcare App Ideas To Keep an Eye on in 2022

    With the rise in technological advancement, the medical field has also seen some upgrades. Today, we have innovations in the medical field, such as robotic surgery, healthcare wearables, and effective drug development. Moreover, mHealth is the new go-to for many people with the rise in the use of mobile phones and the internet.

    There are certain apps that provide healthcare advice and diagnosis over the phone. These serve as a virtual checkup platform in case of geographical constraints and other restrictions. However, there are a limited number of reliable apps in the market.

    People need a cost-effective solution that is reliable with information and diagnosis. In this article, we’ll discuss the 11 best healthcare app ideas to consider implementing in 2022.


    1. Health Reminder Apps

    These days people are under immense stress from a fast lifestyle and may forget some of the crucial things such as taking regular medications on time or remembering to go to their checkups. Using a healthcare reminder app is a great way to remember these crucial things.

    This type of healthcare app idea has many uses for people with chronic ailments and recovering from illness. Plus, you may add suggestions and ads to manage these ailments. This will make the users’ life more accessible, and they will not forget any doses of essential medications.

    A patient adds data about their medications in the app to get reminders to take medications on time. One such app is MEdisafe which people are using for medicine schedules. MyMedSchedule Plus also helps users keep track of their medication on a daily basis.


    2. Doctor Consultation Apps

    There may be times when you cannot visit the doctor but need healthcare assistance. In these situations, you may need on-demand virtual consultation for advice and further steps.

    Doctor consultation apps are easy to use and provide 24/7 assistance from an experienced professional. These applications have telephonic as well as video consultations for a better diagnosis. And you can make appointments at any hour (depending on the app) and consult the doctor as per requirement without waiting too much.




    Apps such as Amwell, DocsApp, and Practo are wonderful solutions for those who need access to healthcare via their smartphones. These have been a great success and may prove to be the next step in medical innovation.


    3. Medical Records Apps

    These apps are for doctors as well as patients as they combine critical medical records in one place. They also help in providing seamless and quick medical care by eliminating paperwork, which will help protect the environment. Medical records apps are useful in storing long-term healthcare data and staying up to date with new information.

    Moreover, both the users and doctors may add this data either for future reference or when the patient is being transferred. They will prevent any miscommunication and misdiagnosis. Plus, such apps make it easier to share data or medical history with any new doctor. Capzule and Healthspek are some of the apps in the market that assist in storing medical information.


    4. Women Healthcare Apps

    These apps like Glow are specifically for women’s health and monitoring important statistics such as menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and other medical issues.

    Moreover, an app that focuses on women’s health and serves as a digital clinic for women may help identify some underlying issues.

    You may add dietitians, endocrinologists, and gynaecologists to the app for advice and diagnosis. These healthcare app ideas may also include therapists and counselors for women.


    5. Medical Training Apps

    A medical training app is for aspiring doctors and nurses to enhance their skills. It may serve as a crucial platform in their skills lab to provide information about surgical procedures and new techniques. With the use of emerging medical technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, you can create a responsive educational application.

    These apps may be used for surgeries, imaging operations, and new methods before trying them on a patient. For example, SentiAR uses augmented reality to create holograms of a patient’s anatomy before operating.


    6. Medical Translation Apps

    Some patients may find it hard to understand a doctor due to the language barrier. They may even experience difficulty in explaining their symptoms and ailments which can lead to failed diagnosis due to limited information. A medical translation app for different languages can be incredibly helpful in this situation.

    These apps will help non-native speakers of a variety of languages communicate with healthcare professionals and share the necessary information. Many of these apps are also WCAG compliant, which solves issues created, not just by language barriers, but by disability barriers too, allowing all people to use the platform.




    Medibabble is a professional medical translation app in the market.


    7. Chronic Disease Management Apps

    People with chronic illnesses need constant assistance and management. Hence, apps tailored to chronic diseases have to be specific and reliable to work well. These may include the ability to monitor high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other issues on an everyday basis.

    Lifestyle and chronic disease management apps like Medisafe can provide assistance with regular checkups and medical assistance at any time. They do this by removing the unpredictability and creating a routine of the disease manageable rather than relying on instinct.

    Moreover, with the integration of IoT, these apps can become more effective and store valuable patient data. These apps can also be employed for remote monitoring and virtual consolation.


    8. Weight loss and Management Apps

    People often find losing weight hard and staying on a proper diet difficult. It may become more challenging if you have trouble staying on track and remembering your progress. A weight loss, fitness, or diet management app can be useful for people to monitor their physical activity, calorie intake, and nutrition requirements.

    These weight loss apps are a hit for fitness enthusiasts, people recovering from illness, and those who wish to maintain a healthier lifestyle. You can usually create an app with database records and tips that are personalized for your specific plan, for example, FatSecret which helps in calculating calories and managing your diet.

    There are apps that track heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and even your sleep cycle for better overall health.


    9. Medicine Price Comparison Apps

    It’s not very common knowledge that there are several medicines available over the counter with very similar ingredients but sold at very different prices. Money-conscious people may wish to compare these medicines before spending their money and ultimately save a lot of cash on expensive medicine.

    One such app is GoodRx which helps the users with real-time prices at local pharmacies and lets them know their best options. To find the information, the user simply has to type the name of the drug. The app then displays the price of the drug in their region and compares it with several other prices. With this information, the user will save a considerable amount of money and make these comparisons before buying any medical health supplies.


    10. Pharmacy Delivery Apps

    Another application of these apps can be combined with a pharmacy to deliver the medications. This is one of the in-demand healthcare app ideas in today’s situation due to COVID-19. A pharmacy delivery app eliminates the need to visit a pharmacy to get medicines and get the meds delivered to their doorstep. These applications are helpful in getting medical supplies, supplements, and medicines at home without the risk of going out.

    One just needs to enter the medicine name and order the required quantity. If a medication requires a prescription, they need to upload the doctor’s prescription. Moreover, you may provide medical consultation to confirm the medicines if someone does not have a prescription for a particular drug.

    Capsule Pharmacy and Pillpack are apps that allow users to order refills of their medication. Moreover, Capsule Pharmacy has an Alexa feature for assistance. Pillpack is owned by Amazon and delivers the medicines without even charging any fees for the delivery.



    The users can easily connect to the pharmacies and order medications. They may collect these medicines or ask the pharmacies to deliver them at home.


    10. Mental Health Apps

    Many people suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, or simply a very hectic lifestyle that might eventually lead to burnout and take a toll on their mental and physical health. Even after diagnosis, it is sometimes hard for patients to manage these conditions.

    Mental health apps can prove to be of immense help to people who are fighting against mental illness and chronic mental conditions. Apps can monitor moods, track activities, act as a mindfulness coach, anxiety buster, and include mood-boosting chatbots to help people. Moreover, these apps can provide people with access to therapists and psychologists to assist people.

    One such app is Wysa which works as a therapy chatbot for users.

    There are also calming apps with relaxing sounds, videos, and activities. These can also help people sleep, track sleep schedules, and monitor time spent doing effective exercises. Moreover, these apps may help to establish a routine that is incredibly helpful for people with mental illness.


    Summing Up…

    So, those are some of the 11 most useful and innovative healthcare app ideas.

    Each touches on a specific aspect of health care, from diagnostics to drug delivery. But the world of startups has endless possibilities. Technology makes the most mind-boggling combinations possible. Do you want an AI diagnostic chatbot with an automated treatment plan and drug delivery on-demand? Just a click away!

    So if you are ready to change the world for the better, this list of ideas should definitely inspire you.

    Analyze the market, communicate with your target audience, and you can find the idea that will become the next unicorn app.

    Good luck!

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