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    A new era of appointment scheduling — 10to8 re-energized

    A new era of appointment scheduling — 10to8 re-energized

    Have you noticed?

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    Change is evolution - right?

    Last week, Britain changed, and the effect rippled across the world as we entered into a new era.

    If that wasn’t enough, 10to8 entered a new era too, as we launched our re-energized brand. We’ve realigned it to fit future growth aspirations and get us ready for what lies ahead. After all ‘from little acorns, mighty oaks grow! 


    It’s all in the name

    Lots has developed since 2011 when 10to8 launched with its interesting name. At the time we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our appointment scheduling system which turned 10 minutes of admin hell (which was the average time it took to organize an appointment) into eight seconds of delightful automation! Read why we’ve got Bruce to thank for that! From this, 10to8 was created.

    Now in 2022,  10to8 and our mission isn’t changing, and because we’re great listeners, we are  continuously adapting and providing new ways to meet your demand for excellence. Time is precious — our mission is to give you more of it.


    Every appointment matters

    We’re constantly evolving our product and now we’ve souped up our website too: making it easier for you to access the latest scheduling best practices and learn more about our newest features — visit our brand new Resource Center

    There are lots of customer success stories to inspire you too. After all, there are over 200,000 of you now, across 109 countries. We think that’s pretty cool.

    Thanks for being part of our evolution. We’re here to continue supporting you through this new era of powering appointments, for time better spent.

    Warm regards,

    Matthew Cleevely, CEO

    Richard Hills, MD



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