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    The 13 Best Online Medical Software Tools for Doctors

    The 13 Best Online Medical Software Tools for Doctors

    When it comes to medical practices, there are many tools that can be used online, from decades-old medical software to innovative new healthcare solutions. Online medical software is a rapidly evolving industry and medical practices are leveraging more and more virtual tools to stay ahead of the game.

    If you’re thinking of adopting a new solution, I expect you’re looking for something that is easy to use, quick to implement, patient-friendly, and won’t break the bank. Luckily, there are plenty of options available that fit these criteria.

    So, what medical tools will be right for your medical practice and what do you need in order to thrive?

    Well, we’ve done a deep dive into the 13 best healthcare software tools that have been highly rated by medical professionals. Let’s take a look at the 13 top tools.



    Voted the best free medical software scheduling platform by Capterra, 10to8 is a wonderful choice for practices that are looking to streamline their patient scheduling process. The online booking system is designed to make appointments happen for everyone and is one of the most accessibility-friendly tools on this list.

    Calendar design with panels-1

    It has efficient omnichannel appointment scheduling, WCAG 2.1 AA compliant booking pages (meaning it’s fully compatible with screen readers), and a brand new Accessibility Suite. This includes an automated phone booking system, 10to8 will make both medical professionals, receptionists, and patients’ lives a whole lot simpler.

    Not only will it reduce time spent on the phone and administrative efforts, but it will also streamline the entire booking flow, and can reduce DNAs by up to 90%.


    Key features:

    • Self-service patient booking pages that reduce admin work and streamline appointment scheduling for both face-to-face and remote consultations
    • WCAG compliant booking pages that are compatible with screen readers
    • Accessibility Suite that includes admin-free phone bookings 24/7
    • Patient reminders via email, SMS, and voice calls
    • Features a patient portal where patients can see and manage their upcoming appointments
    • Offers tools for HIPAA and a signed BAA if you handle Protected Health Information (PHI) in the United States


    Who is this medical software for?

    10to8 has been implemented at phlebotomy clinics and other secondary care providers like physiotherapists and ultrasound clinics, as well as some urgent and primary care providers. It is a patient scheduling tool that fits a wide range of medical practices.



    With a huge network of skilled doctors at its fingertips, Teladoc is a great way for patients to quickly and easily speak to a physician. Teladoc is a 24/7 medical service that handles routine illnesses and health issues, allowing patients to speak with doctors via desktop or phone app.

    For patients, this means convenient care, less time spent on hold, and access to support for routine or regular care anytime – instead of relying on GPs opening hours to get answers.



    For doctors, this means a much more flexible working pattern and the ability to make themselves available to patients whenever help is needed. They can treat people, answer questions, and prescribe prescriptions remotely.

    Of course, the service focuses on non-emergency-related issues. Anything particularly pressing or unexpected and patients will have to visit the practice. Nonetheless, as Teladoc is built to serve people who simply want easy access to routine medical advice or care, this works in everybody’s favor.


    Key features:

    • 24/7 service for patients
    • Gives patients access to a nationwide network of doctors
    • Available via desktop or app
    • Provides more flexibility for doctors and patients


    Who is this medical software for?

    Teladoc has been utilized by both medical professionals and patients. It’s used by general practitioners, mental health professionals, and even specialists regarding cancer treatment.



    This clever platform is like an intuitive social media space for doctors. A learning and collaboration space, QuantiaMD brings doctors together from all over the world, allows them to connect, share their ideas, and learn from each other. It also helps doctors and staff to better manage their facilities, which then positively impacts the overall patient satisfaction score.

    Sharing in learning has phenomenal impacts on both the development of emerging medical technologies, and overall patient care, so this app quite literally has the power to change our lives.

    Furthermore, the platform has been shown to boost the management and satisfaction scores of hospitals. It does this by minimizing readmission rates and significantly reducing the workplace burnout that physicians and doctors face, which can take a toll on the entire practice’s efficiency.


    Key features:

    • Allows doctors from all over the world to come together
    • Promotes sharing knowledge and collaboration
    • Can help reduce patient readmissions
    • Can reduce workplace burnout for medical professionals


    Who is this medical software for?

    QuantiaMD is used by all types of medical professionals around the world to collaborate and communicate, from clinics to hospitals.



    Amplitude is a leading provider of clinical data collection software and services.  It’s used to help collect patient information. There are various platforms available for use by individual clinicians or teams and each platform provides a slightly different function.

    They are a leading provider of clinical data collection software. The platform is mainly used for clinical and patient-reported outcomes, virtual follow-up and triage clinics, and chronic illness patient monitoring.




    Amplitude is the perfect solution for hospitals trying to find the balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Their vast amount of preloaded data ensures that clinicians have relevant information at their fingertips. It also enables them to add accurate case-by-case adjustments and monitor patient progress more effectively.

    The online system gives patients the freedom to access the platform wherever and whenever they want. Furthermore, the handy dashboard provides a place where clinicians can input treatment and patient-specific data, without having to fill out any paperwork.


    Key features:

    • Various platforms are suitable for a range of different medical practices
    • A completely virtual system can be accessed from anywhere
    • Preloaded data gives clinicians easy access to information
    • Intuitive UI


    Who is this medical software for?

    Amplitude has been used by virtual clinics, orthopedics, and the NHS.



    Designed for seamless practice management, EasyClinic is an effective and practical medical software solution for doctors, physicians, and even administrators.

    It allows medical clinics, GPs, and hospitals to store medical data and patient records in the cloud. This means doctors can safely access a patient’s historical data anytime and provide assistance, prescribe medication, or order examinations.

    EasyClinic also allows doctors to store files, compare past patient data, access 100s of analytics tools. It also provides patients with a portal so they can also access their own information.

    The platform is available online or offline – so you won’t be hindered by a slow internet connection – and provides full training and support to all its users.


    Key features:

    • Gives doctors secure access to patient data anywhere
    • Have a patient portal for customers
    • Available online or offline


    Who is this medical software for?

    Used by doctors, clinics, and hospitals, EasyClinic is a great solution for a range of medical needs.



    This handy online consultation platform makes it possible for general practitioners to communicate with NHS patients through a portal. Patients can check their symptoms, get prescriptions and advice from their doctors without having to wait until their next appointment. eConsult is the most widely used online portal system and is used by over 3,000 NHS practices across the UK.



    Allowing doctors and nurses to triage different medical cases, safely prioritize patients, and assign them the right care, eConsult questionnaires are designed to make patients’ diagnoses more efficient. Patients will be able to provide information ahead of their appointment or instead of it if they just need a quick prescription that can be provided remotely.

    The platform means patients can access remote treatment for a range of ailments, from asthma to depression or diabetes, significantly improving patient care, whilst simultaneously reducing wait times.


    Key features:

    • Questionaire speed up patient diagnosis
    • Can treat patients remotely
    • Reduced wait time for patients, and decreases admin time for staff


    Who is this medical software for?

    eConsult is used for Emergency and Urgent Care, Primary Care, and has been used across thousands of NHS practices in the UK.


    Doxy Me

    This easy-to-use telemedicine app integrates with most EHR (Electronic Health Records) or PM (Practice Management) software tools. Doxy me is easy to configure and has a free trial that includes unlimited messages, video, and voice communication technology, making it an invaluable tool for many practices.

    All tiers of the tool are fully HIPPA compliant. But the paid tiers (Professional and Clinic) are great if you need additional features like tighter security and encryption. They’re also great if you need the ability to edit waiting rooms or provide scheduled phone or video appointments.

    The Clinic tier also allows for photo and file sharing and photo capture, ideal for multiple physician practices. Customer payments can also be accepted through the app.

    Doxy Me runs completely in the browser, so there’s nothing to download, but there’s also a self-hosted option if you’d prefer.


    Key features:

    • Runs in the browser
    • Integrates with most EHR and PM software
    • Tier system allows you to only pay for what you need


    Who is this medical software for?

    This intuitive telemedicine solution is tailor-made for clinicians, private practices, physicians, and specialist medical professionals.



    Clinicea is a revolutionary piece of online medical software helps medical practices make life easier for themselves and their patients. The main aim of this app is to reduce paperwork by converting papers-forms into a customized EMR. This means, as well as a practical and convenient tool for doctors, it’s also environmentally friendly.

    Once you’re in the app, you can securely access any patient’s information, call patients either via voice or video, or message them 24/7. You can book doctor’s appointments online, request questionnaires and other paperwork to be virtually signed, create detailed patient reports, and then update the records. You can even handle automated invoicing and billing.

    There’s nothing to download as it’s all in the browser. Clincea is used by medical companies all around the world, so it’s a trusted tool. Patients also get a portal where they can access their records, making it as useful to them as it is to doctors.


    Key features:

    • Reduces paperwork for doctors
    • Environmentally friendly with less paper used
    • Automated processes mean much less admin work


    Who is this medical software for?

    Clinicea has been used by over 20 different types of medical practice across 5 continents. This includes hospitals, laser clinics, and specialist kidney care units.



    Catalyst IT is a cloud-based BI (Business Intelligence) solution that assists health professionals with data collection and practice management.

    It enables therapists to conduct automated trial sessions, assign customized tasks to students, and measure the duration of student participation in group therapy programs. This includes how much time is spent on certain activities as well as progress through specific stages or skill acquisition levels.




    Administrators can define their own specific benchmarks. For instance, the percentage of trials completed successfully by all participants (or those who are clinically ready), completion rate within specified periods after the initial enrollment date, or other factors.

    With the Catalyst IT platform, you can create customized graphs of different recorded data. You and your team will be able to upload progress reports with built-in templates that include headers and footers as well as logos. It also integrates with plenty of medical systems which is perfect for keeping things running smoothly.


    Key features:

    • Predefined templates and notifications
    • Allow medical professionals to share files with one another
    • Integrates with existing medical technology systems


    Who is this medical software for?

    Catalyst is great for National Health Services, ER emergency care, and social care companies that want to better understand their patient insights and make data-driven decisions.



    Practo is one of the best healthcare software tools for medical practices and is becoming more popular worldwide. The app allows patients to schedule 24/7 video consultations with doctors. Patients then can leave feedback or comments after their consultation for the doctor to reply to.

    This gives patients a lot more flexibility over when and where they can see a doctor from the comfort of their home instead of having to travel to the practice, which may be difficult for some. It also gives them the option to communicate with doctors about how they felt about their appointment, which a lot of other medical software doesn’t do.

    For doctors, Practo enables them to create detailed patient profiles, schedule follow-up appointments, access records and track their history, and draw out effective treatment plans. They can prescribe treatments virtually and the tool integrates with different payment platforms and mobile wallets for quick wireless payments.

    It’s a seamless virtual healthcare solution that combines secure storage or medical records with easy access to patients, doctors, and healthcare solutions.


    Key features:

    • Patients can leave feedback or comments after doctors appointments
    • Secure access for doctors to detailed patient records
    • Integrates with virtual wallets and payment solutions


    Who is this medical software for?

    Practo is ideal for doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, gynecologists, and pharmacists, and can take care of anything from women’s pregnancy, to anxiety and depression.


    AMC Health

    AMC Health is a type of digital telemedicine software; It’s specifically tailored for various doctors, such as general practitioners, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, and ENT surgeons. The software also provides health monitoring and care coordination through FDA-approved medical devices.

    Bluetooth connectivity allows it to operate other devices remotely – such as wireless scales and blood pressure monitors – and it can send biometric data between surgeries or surgeons. The personalized patient dashboard makes early assessments much simpler.

    You can configure data into workflows and digitizes patient records, meaning that medical professionals are able to easily access all history virtually. It also integrates with other online medical software, so that you can have everything they need in one place.

    Key features:

    • Bluetooth connectivity sync with remote devices
    • Specifically tailored to different types of medical professionals
    • Digitizes all patient records

    Who is this medical software for?

    AMC Health has been implemented by medical charities and veteran services, as well as clinics, and establishments treating chronic illnesses.



    This super-smart piece of mobile software for doctors can help prevent human error in the medical industry. pMD has an automated clinical communications system allows which doctors to interact securely with their patients, capture charges and patient data more accurately, and waste much less time fretting over tiny details.

    With completely HIPPA compliant messaging, doctors can easily talk to patients. Plus, the automated doctor-to-doctor messages, means that staff can also discuss things in the back end like scheduling appointments and tackling patient issues.

    pMD generates timely alerts for patients within 48 hours of being discharged, captures real-time billing charges, and records entire billing information. Adopting this tool will help you cut a lot of the manual processes out of your clinic and allow doctors to spend much less time handling paperwork and much more time providing the best-in-class care.


    Key features:

    • HIPPA compliant messaging
    • Automated clinical communications
    • Generates automatic alerts within 48 hours of discharge


    Who is this medical software for?

    pMD is used by oncologists, primary care providers, hospitalists, specialists, and University Schools of Medicine.


    Prescription Pad

    As the name suggests, this tool is one of the best pieces of medical software for doctors to write, maintain, and access patient’s prescriptions. Doctors are able to select medications, modify them, and choose their brands from the records that they already have on file. Prescription Pad will also consider a patient’s family history for a more complete and accurate diagnosis.

    The software makes the life of doctors and patients comfortable, easy, and organized by arranging all their health-related information in one place and communicating it to them when required. The tool gives doctors everything they need before writing a prescription, with a central database of records and a user-friendly interface.

    Doctors can also see a list of illnesses, related symptoms, diagnoses, and disease-related investigations. With ready-made prescription templates, various medical calculators (including BMI, cardiac risk, and child growth calculators), and automatic drug safety tests, Prescription Pad will ensure your patient data is flawless and you have everything you need to write effortless prescriptions.


    Key features:

    • Contains a comprehensive list of drug selection with side effects, precautions, and automatic safety checks
    • Keep entire patient records on hand, including family history
    • Userfriendly interface
    • Range of useful medical calculators


    Who is this medical software for?

    Prescription Pad has been utilized by hospitals, doctors surgeries, and specialist clinics.



    The medical industry has been evolving with technology and digitization for a long time now. These are just a few examples of the best medical software used to improve patient care, streamline workflow, and manage medical data efficiently.

    The right tools can change the way you work as a doctor and dramatically improve things for your entire practice.

    However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to online medical software. But, whether you’re looking to improve your website’s accessibility or need an all-around telemedicine solution, we hope this guide will help you find out which tool will be best suited for your needs.

    Did we miss your favorite software solutions from the list? Be sure to leave a comment to help others learn about your tried and tested software suggestions

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