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    Equipment utilization at Yale University

    Equipment utilization at Yale University

    Yale’s Biology Department needed a better way to manage their research MRI appointments as simply using Microsoft Excel was admin heavy and risked mistakes happening. As the department expanded, 10to8 solved what was a growing problem.

    From spreadsheet to powerful automation

    “10to8 has been vital in helping us streamline what we do within the department as we grow.” – Jitendra Bhawnani, Director of Information Technology at Yale.

    Yale’s Biology Department was using a spreadsheet to manage their research MRI appointments. Their expensive, in-demand equipment is booked hundreds of times a week. Managing this manually was tough and they also risked missed bookings and underutilized equipment. As the department expanded, they had to look for an automated system.

    10to8 helps Yale focus on research

    10to8 automates bookings, staff management and messaging. For Yale's team, it was perfect out-of-the-box: with no customization, 10to8 fit straight into their existing processes. The department has a real-time view of the equipment usage and staff can focus on research and better outcomes rather than juggling schedules.

    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Yale is just one of the thousands of educational organizations that keep their patients safe and happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. For instance, Gateway Technical College has seen an 82% student uptake in appointments and is now taking over 100 appointments per month. 

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