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    Finding the right booking system

    Finding the right booking system

    Based in the UK, MoneyPlus provides trained advisors to help clients manage their finances. Taking over 50,000 appointments each year, their staff were struggling with their existing online booking system. 10to8 came to the rescue.

    Switching over from a frustrating booking system

    “10to8 saves us so much time and will help us to continue to develop our processes.” – David Davies, Financial Planning Manager at MoneyPlus

    Money Plus provides trained advisors to help clients manage their finances. They take over 50,000 appointments each year via their customer call centers. Money Plus’s staff struggled with their existing booking system. It lacked KPI reporting and caused frustration to staff. This led to wasted time, poor visibility of operations and performance, all resulting in costly no-shows.

    £50,000 per year in savings

    After moving to 10to8, Money Plus has been saving 5-9 hours of admin every day, delivering an immediate £50k per year saving alone. They can now monitor their KPIs, the business is more productive, able to plan and forecast effectively, and has fewer no-shows. Plus, their staff are much happier.

    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Money Plus is just one of the thousands of organizations that keep their customers and staff happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. For instance, Newbury Building Society managed to reduce their cancellation rate from 28% to 12% in 12 months.

    Chat to us and write your own success story

    Book a call with our team to talk about your organization’s needs and how Sign In Scheduling will drive ROI. We have helped over 200,000 businesses worldwide — now it’s your turn.