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    The Eight Best Zapier Integrations That Will Help You Grow Your Business

    The Eight Best Zapier Integrations That Will Help You Grow Your Business

    Work smarter not harder. That’s our motto at 10to8. Not because we are lazy people, on the contrary, we are a very busy team. Since there’s only so much you can fit into a working week, we are trying to be agile and automate as many of our processes as possible.

    Growing your business doesn’t mean that you have to put in extra hours week after week. It just means that you need to make smart decisions and better optimize how you spend your time.

    [bctt tweet-"Growing your business doesn’t mean that you have to put in extra hours week after week. It just means that you need to make smart decisions." username="10to8ltd"]

    We are better together. That’s Zapier’s motto and it is so true! If you are reading this article, chances are that you are a business owner, who already uses 10to8 to grow their business, but you want to do more. Well, we are better together, so why not find the best automations that will surely help scale your business and still stay sane?

    In this article, I’m giving you an overview of the best zaps that have proven to help growing businesses according to our customers. Ready… Steady… Zap!


    What is Zapier?

    Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect hundreds of apps with each other. This way you can automate many of your processes and make your life easier. Just like 10to8, Zapier offers a Free Forever Plan for those who are just getting started with automation.

    On the Free Forever Plan, you can create five 2-step zaps with all their non-premium apps. This package is plenty for somebody who’s just testing the water, and if you don’t have automated workflows at the moment, you can only imagine how much of a game-changer those 5 zaps will be.


    What are zaps?

    Zaps are, simply put, integrations or workflows. A zap consists of triggers and actions. Triggers are events that set off the automated tasks in the background to result in an action.

    When setting up a zap, you will need to choose an event related to an app that triggers the automation and an app or apps where the actions happen. For example, 10to8 Online Booking has the following triggers:

    • New appointment is booked
    • New customer
    • Time before/after appointment
    • New message sent by 10to8


    How long does it take to set up a zap?

    Setting up a zap is ridiculously easy and quick. You are walked through a step-by-step process and you’ll have awesome automation before you could say ‘Zapier makes you happier’. To put a time stamp on it, it took me around 7 minutes to set up the Facebook integration below and meanwhile eat a bowl of cereal.

    Spend a maximum of 10 minutes on Zapier with creating zaps, and I promise, you’ll save much more every day.


    The 5 best free Zapier integrations that will help grow your business

    Since you get 5 zaps on the free plan, here are the 5 best Zapier integrations that can ease your life and grow your business faster.


    1. 10to8 Online Booking & Facebook

    With the 10to8 Online Booking and Facebook integration, you can automate a part of your social media communications while attracting new customers.

    If you want to show off how quickly your appointments are being booked, you can set up a zap that creates a Facebook post every time a booking is placed. To do this, select the 10to8 trigger ‘New appointment is booked’ and then choose Facebook Pages as the action app. Then write a post that promotes the popularity of your services.

    Don’t forget to include a link to your booking page, so your Facebook followers can grab a slot too! Scarcity marketing is a great way to boost bookings and this zap does exactly that!

    The other version of this is to choose ‘New customer’ as the trigger and write a post about how new clients can rest assured that they are in good hands. You can create a similar zap on Twitter, Linkedin on Instagram, depending on which is your main social profile.


    2. 10to8 Online Booking & MailChimp

    Email marketing is an excellent way of retaining customers. Surely, you are already sending out regular newsletters to those who subscribed to your mailing list, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could contact existing customers with special offers without having to export-import customer lists every time?

    The 10to8 Online Booking and MailChimp integration makes this easy as pie. Simply select the ‘New customer’ trigger in 10to8, and choose a mailing list to which you want to add the new customer as a subscriber.  The time freed up from exporting and importing customers could be spent on better retention campaigns or more appealing email templates.


    3. 10to8 Online Booking & Surveypal

    Customer experience is everything nowadays. Feedback helps businesses improve and nice reviews attract new customers. Gathering and analyzing feedback, however, is not easy at all. You obviously want to know what your customers thought of the service you provided, but you probably don’t want to manually email them after their appointments.

    Simply integrate 10to8 Online Booking with Surveypal and the problem is solved! Select ‘Time before/after appointment’ for the trigger, define how long after the booking you want the questionnaire to be sent and choose a Surveypal form. In the form, you can even include a link to a review platform if you want to. Encourage word of mouth a bit, shall we?

    Of course, you can do the same with SurveyMonkey or Typeform too.


    4. 10to8 Online Booking & Insightly

    If Insightly is your choice of CRM, you will probably be happy to know that 10to8 Online Booking and Insightly integrate seamlessly. You can easily feed leads into 10to8 from Insightly, or the other way around. You can even set up 2-way sync so leads go into 10to8 and customers go into Insightly. This, of course, would cost you two free zaps.


    5. 10to8 Online Booking & Google Sheets

    Sometimes the simplest things are the most helpful. The perfect example of this is the 10to8 Online Booking & Google Sheets integration. If you don’t yet have a budget for a fancy CRM like Insightly, Pipedrive, or Hubspot, handling customer data on a sheet can be a good alternative.

    With this integration, you can automatically update a Google Sheet with a new row after an appointment has happened. Nothing more, nothing less, just a new row on a spreadsheet. Instead of manually updating a document on a daily basis, you can make Zapier get the job done for you. Smartie, huh?


    3 more zaps to grow your business faster

    The following zaps are not included in the Free Forever Plan, either because they consist of more than two steps or because they contain premium apps. However, I thought I’d mention them within the best Zapier integration ad they are quite popular with our users.


    1. 10to8 Online Booking & Xero

    Accounting and invoicing tasks probably cause the most headache for business owners. Apart from appointment no-shows, of course.

    Luckily, with the 10to8 Online Booking and Xero integration, you can automate many of these administrative tasks too.  This premium integration will allow you to create Xero bills for each 10to8 appointment, so you can better track invoices and payments. This zap could rid your business of time wasted on payment admin. Sounds attractive, huh? If you prefer, you can set up the same integration with QuickBooks.


    2. 10to8 Online Booking & Pipedrive

    Create leads, create deals. Pipedrive is the most popular CRM, at least according to our customers. It’s affordable, easy to use and helps a lot with lead management. This is why I couldn’t miss the Pipedrive integration from this list.

    This is a 3-step integration, so to make it easier for you (and us), one of our sales representatives has already set up a zap template for this task. Get it here.

    Once a new customer appears in your 10to8 account, they automatically synced into Pipedrive. As a third step, a deal is created. Can you guess how much time this would save you each week?


    3. 10to8 Online Booking & Infusionsoft

    If you already use Infusionsoft to automate your sales and marketing processes, then this premium integration can come in handy.  If you set up the 10to8 integration with Infusionsoft, your new customers will automatically appear in your Infusionsoft account, allowing you to target them with email campaigns and other marketing and sales communications.



    I hope that by the time you arrive at this sentence, you have already had set up a couple of zaps and from now on, you’ll work smarter and not harder. If you fancy sharing which zap is your favorite, that’s what the comment section is for!

    You can find more zaps in the product or on our Zapier profile. Is there an integration you cannot find? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll do some digging around for you!

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