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    Taking Payments with 10to8 - Our Point of Sales System Integration

    Taking Payments with 10to8 - Our Point of Sales System Integration

    Taking payments for services is crucial to any business. How would you function if you couldn’t collect money for what you offered? And while the world is slowly morphing towards online transactions only, many businesses still rely on solid cash flow to keep their organization afloat. And this is exactly where 10to8’s new Point of Sale (POS) integration comes in. 

    As one of our most requested features in 2022, this POS feature is going to revolutionize the way you collect payments with your 10to8 account. It will mean less hassle, less admin, and all of your funds in one place. Simple!


    What changes have we made to how you take payments with 10to8?

    The integration with a POS system marks a significant shift in the way you can run both your business and your 10to8 account. This will mean that you can now:

    • Take payments from your customers in person
    • Take payments directly from a customer at the end of their booking
    • Integrate your 10to8 account with a physical card reader


    How this works

    We’ve worked hard to integrate this feature seamlessly into your existing booking flow. You’d simply make the booking the exact same way you’d typically make one, via your online booking calendar, or the customer would make a booking via your online booking page. 

    POS Payment


    Then, once the booking is complete, you can go to the side panel within your 10to8 account, select the relevant booking, and select the payment option down the bottom. From there, 10to8 will connect with your Stripe account and card reader, and debit the payment directly to your bank account from your customer's card.


    A compliant safe and secure way to pay

    Here at 10to8, we take your security incredibly seriously. As such, this feature is also designed to meet any regulatory requirements that you might need to comply with in order to take payments from your customers. 

    As an ISO27001-compliant company, we’ve ensured that this feature ensures a safe transaction for you and your customers. We use the Stripe API to manage the payment, meaning the payment is secure, and encrypted, and both your and your customer’s information is safe. 10to8 and Stripe make it easy for you to take payments in a PCI-compliant way, conforming to industry best practices.


    How will these changes benefit your business?

    If your business is keen on cash flow, the benefits of this feature will be significant! You’ll be able to track your income and expenses in real-time and manage all of your payments with ease. 

    Your customers will be able to pay for their bookings during their appointments and you will be able to charge them for any extras after the booking has taken place. 

    Plus, everything will be in one place – no more jumping between different spreadsheets to manage your payments. The payments taken via 10to8 will go into the exact same account as the payments taken via other sources, meaning you’ll also have all of the information in the same place.


    In summary…

    10to8’s POS integration is a revolutionary change for any business that prefers to take direct payments. Now, you’ll be able to book your customers via your online booking page, and take payments directly from them at the time of booking or afterward. It’ll make it much easier to manage cash flow, and reduce the administrative burden – what’s not to love?

    For more information on how our POS integration could help benefit your business, get in touch with us today.

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