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    Keeping care home residents safe and happy

    Keeping care home residents safe and happy

    Barchester has to close their care homes during the pandemic to keep their elderly residents safe. Working with 10to8, they were able to implement a safe visiting system and reunite families for the festive season.

    Keeping families connected & safe while holding COVID-19 at bay

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Barchester had to close their homes for visits for months to keep their elderly residents safe and avoid outbreaks. At the same time, they wanted to reunite families as soon as it was possible to do so safely. That’s when Barchester found 10to8, a visit scheduling solution used within large care homes and assisted living facilities.

    The first care homes to safely reunite families in the UK

    Barchester went live with 10to8 in 250 locations just in time for Christmas 2020. They were one of the first care home providers in the country to coordinate safe family visits. The success of these visits over the Christmas period was followed by offering open-air visits for Easter and eventually safe, scheduled, visits have become part of the new normal. 

    “When we were finally able to safely open up visiting, some people hadn’t seen their loved ones face-to-face for 3-4 months. It was a very emotional time for all of us. 10to8 empowered us to make visits as fair as possible and give all of our families equal access to visiting time.” 

    - Tom Holloway, Digital Marketing Manager, Barchester


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Barchester is just one of the thousands of healthcare organizations that keep their residents safe and happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. NHS England, for example, is utilizing the booking solution to coordinate blood tests, COVID tests, PPE fittings, and other appointments. 

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