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    Extending product and customer base

    Extending product and customer base

    Cambridge Building Society wanted to expand their product market to appeal to younger audiences and subsequently boost revenue. With 10to8, they created a more digital approach to their financial services.

    Adapting to a digital age

    In 2017, CBS wanted to increase their product range to offer mortgages to first and second-time property buyers and increase the breadth of their customer base. A digital customer experience was a key route to attracting and managing prospects and customers. They wanted to offer an easy and reliable solution for digital savvy customers.

    Booking virtual appointments for over 10,000 customers

    Cambridge Building Society adopted 10to8 across the whole organization. The initial trial period lasted 6 months, after which, full implementation was realized quickly and easily. Cambridge Building Society now uses 10to8’s online booking platform to schedule all of their in-person and virtual appointments for over 10,000 customers.


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Cambridge Building Society is just one of the thousands of financial organizations that keep their customers and staff happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. For instance, Money Plus switched from their previous frusterating booking system to 10to8, and consequently saved 5-9 hours of admin every day.

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