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    Supporting the growth of Futures Group

    Supporting the growth of Futures Group

    Futures Group were working hard to tackle the increasing number of redundancies when COVID-19 hit. By adopting 10to8, they were able to reduce admin, boost efficiency, and help more people find work.

    Tackling the surge in redundencies brough on by Covid-19

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2021 there was a surge of job redundancies. The job centers were receiving increasing volumes of job seekers and managing their backlog was a challenge. Their goal was to reduce mounting appointment backlogs and reduce the heightened administrative burden whilst managing social distancing rules.

    Helping over 15,000 customers find work

    Future’s Group went through a three-month trial, training, and onboarding period before implementing 10to8 across their organization. They quickly set up all of their 110+ services on their online booking page, meaning their customers could easily book appointments online. Now, they have over 200 bookable staff members on their account and take bookings for over fifteen thousand customers.


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Futures Group is just one of the thousands of organizations that keep people safe and happy with 10to8. For instance, CIC Health facilitated more than 532,000 tests and over 350,000 vaccinations across the United States.

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