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    A customer self-serve system at a top UK Building Society

    A customer self-serve system at a top UK Building Society

    Newbury Building Society were struggling with high cancelation rates and low customer satisfaction. With the help of 10to8, they decreased their cancelation rate by 16% whilst boosting customer happiness.

    Swapping a manual process for automation and self-service

    At the end of 2020 Newbury was struggling with arranging their customer appointments. They were experiencing a high rate of appointment cancellations, and their customer satisfaction was very low. At the time, they were using a combination of multiple Outlook calendars and taking appointment requests over the phone - a method that involved a lot of admin. They began looking for a secure, enterprise-scale solution to help.


    An uplift of appointments year on year

    After a 2 month trial and onboarding period, Newbury adopted 10to8 into their mortgage sales team and their savings sales teams. This provided Newbury with much-improved visibility of customer bookings,  and hours of additional admin time now available per agent per month. Within two months they started taking appointments and have since adopted 10to8 across all of their 10 UK branches



    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Newbury Building Society is just one of the thousands of financial organizations that keep their customers and staff happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. For instance, Money Plus switched from their previous frustrating booking system to 10to8, and consequently saved 5-9 hours of admin every day.

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