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    A 43.9% decrease in patient wait times

    A 43.9% decrease in patient wait times

    The North West London NHS Trust was operating a walk-in clinic and experiencing many delays. By adopting 10to8, they moved to a virtual scheduling system, solving a problem for patients and staff.

    From walk-ins to an online patient booking system

    The North West London NHS Trust were operating a walk-in clinic and struggling with long delays and lots of staff admin. They decided they needed a secure online patient booking system to improve the process, streamline their appointment bookings, and reduce no-shows.

    Less staff admin, fewer no-shows, and better patient engagement

    They were recommended 10to8 from within their network by another NHS Trust and embarked on a 3 month trial period. They integrated their online booking page with their website portal which allowed patients to book their own phlebotomy appointments. Within just 12 months, North West London NHS had experienced a 25% increase in appointment volume and a 43.9% derease in patient wait times.


    Scheduling patient appointments worldwide

    The North West London NHS Trust is just one of the thousands of healthcare organizations that keep patients safe and happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. NHS England, for example, is utilizing the booking solution to coordinate blood tests, COVID tests, PPE fittings, and other appointments. 

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