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    An urgent need to protect a community

    An urgent need to protect a community

    The University of Alberta needed to roll out a system to allow people to register their vaccination status during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of 10to8, they rolled out this program within 5 days and were able to protect their community.

    Implementing a COVID-19 vaccination solution at speed

    In August 2021, the University needed to manage the COVID pandemic. They rolled out a program within 3 months, asking all community members to provide their vaccination status if they were attending in-person activities across the campuses. They needed a solution that was scalable, easy to implement and use, to manage multiple sites.

    A 5-day implementation helped protect a community

    Despite the new University staff having never used 10to8 before, it took 5 days from the point of first contact to rolling out a functional booking page to the campus community the following week. They are now able to take around 200 appointments per day.


    ‘I think it’s a testament to the team and the ease of use of the software that they were able to stick to our 4-5 day timeline and have everything rolled out with minimal issues. As of Monday morning, with the exception of minor tweaks, things went very smoothly.’

    - Kevin Friese - Assistant Dean of Student's Health and Wellness 


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    The University of Alberta is just one of the thousands of organizations that keep people safe and happy with 10to8. For instance, CIC Health facilitated more than 532,000 tests and over 350,000 vaccinations across the United States.

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