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    436% appointment increase and 5X increase in members

    436% appointment increase and 5X increase in members

    The University of West England were using Excel to schedule all their appointments. This was a tiresome, admin-heavy process and their student engagement was low. After implementing online scheduling, they managed to 5X their members and significantly scale their appointment count.

    Swapping admin-heavy Excel for streamlined online scheduling

    Back in 2018, the University of West England was using Microsoft Excel to schedule all of their appointments for their Center for Music. There was no self-service option for students to book their own appointments, so scheduling was a time consuming process with a lot of back and forth emailing. They only had 400 members and student engagement was low.



    5X increase in members and 436% increase in appointments

    The university started using 10to8 in late 2018. after just a few months, they had six staff members taking more than 700 appointments monthly. By mid-2021, they were taking thousands of appointments each month. Fast forward to now and they have seen a 5X increase in members and 436% increase in appointments.


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    The University of West England is just one of the thousands of financial organizations that keep their customers and staff happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. For instance, Money Plus switched from their previous frustrating booking system to 10to8, and consequently saved 5-9 hours of admin every day.

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