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    Tranforming their patient experience

    Tranforming their patient experience

    Vesta Healthcare wanted an easier way to manage their appointments, which were all being taken over the phone with pen and paper. With the help of 10to8, they have been able to scale, improve efficiency, and reduce no-shows.

    From pen and paper to powerful automation

    Back in November 2020, Vesta was managing a large number of nurses and coordinating all their appointments over the phone, via pen and paper, and via Google Calendar. With a high administrative burden, they wanted to increase visibility, improve control over doctors and nurses calendars, and decrease patient no-show rates.

    Reducing patient-to-hospital admissions with 10to8

    10to8 was able to meet all of Vesta's requiremnts, allowing them to quickly and easily set up their 246 services onto their online booking system and customize patient confirmations and reminders. They used our Accessibility Suite to ensure that they appealed to all of their customers. Since launching, they have seen an uplift of 150% on their appointment count.

    Scheduling patient appointments worldwide

    Vesta Healthcare is just one of the thousands of healthcare organizations that keep patients safe and happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. NHS England, for example, is utilizing the booking solution to coordinate blood tests, COVID tests, PPE fittings, and other appointments. 

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