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    The Top Nine 10to8 Integrations in 2023

    The Top Nine 10to8 Integrations in 2023

    When it comes to running your business, connecting new software tools with your existing workflow quickly and easily is essential. If tools can communicate with one another it enables your workflow to stay in sync, and it’s easier to manage your day-to-day work if all your tools are in one place. Plus, since all your apps are connected, your team won’t need to learn new technologies and potentially they may not even have to log in to some tools. That’s where software integrations come in. 

    We have a range of integrations at 10to8, ranging from simple calendar integrations to more specific plugins. Once you’ve set up your online booking system and are taking a steady stream of bookings from your customers, chances are you'll benefit from syncing 10to8 with your existing software. So, here are the top 10to8 integrations that our partners love and will improve your workflow.


    1. Calendar Sync

    One of the first integrations that 10to8 power users set up is the two-way calendar sync. With this, 10to8 will be able to see any occupied slots in your personal calendar and automatically ensure those slots aren’t bookable on your 10to8 calendar.


    calendar integration

    This means you won’t get any accidental double bookings and customers will be able to see when you’re actually free. 

    What can you do with calendar sync?

    10to8 currently integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook.com, Office 365, Exchange, and iCal. With this integration, you can:

    • Sync bookings from your personal calendar into 10to8 so you are equally aware of your work schedule and your personal commitments
    • Sync bookings from your 10to8 calendar into your personal one, so even when logged out of the tool, you can still see what's coming your way

    You can choose whether you want to sync the busy times only or all information about the booking as well.


    2. Salesforce

    Used by over 150,000 businesses across the globe, Salesforce is dominating the customer relationship management space. But did you know that 10to8 has direct integrations with the Salesforce CRM?

    salesforce integration

    What can you do with the Salesforce integration?

    With this integration, you can easily manage leads and opportunities, manage team performance, manage revenue, book more meetings and close more deals.

    You can:

    • Synchronize clients and appointments from 10to8 into Salesforce 
    • Track and measure 10to8 activities in Salesforce by UTM campaign or meeting type
    • View past and upcoming meetings from your activities

    The Salesforce integration is available for all Enterprise Plan customers looking to streamline customer relationship management and save admin time.

    Get in touch with one of our scheduling experts to learn more about the integrations and see a demo.

    Let's talk!


    3. Zoom

    The world’s favorite online video conferencing tool, Zoom boomed over the pandemic when video calling became the new normal. Many businesses still use Zoom to host virtual appointments with customers or business partners overseas or to provide live customer service or support.

    Businesses have found that using Zoom can be extremely beneficial. Not only is it simple and easy to use, but it’s also very versatile. You can use Zoom for video conferencing, webinars, live events, and even remote training. Plus, you can integrate Zoom with your 10to8 booking software for even easier virtual meetings.

    What can you do with the Zoom integration?

    You can use Zoom to:

    • Create one-time virtual meetings to connect with your clients virtually
    • Create and book class bookings so you can easily schedule meetings with students
    • Manage recurring meetings through 10to8, so you can schedule the same weekly meeting for a month in one click.

    Once you’ve connected your Zoom account to 10to8, you will be able to easily select the option for a virtual meeting when creating a booking. Your customers will also be able to select the ‘online’ option when using your online booking page. 

    10to8 will then generate a unique meeting link for that individual appointment. This is the same for class bookings, where 10to8 will generate a unique link and automatically send it to everyone who is attending the class. Pretty neat, right?


    4. Google Meet

    Part of the Google Workspace Office (formally G-Suite), Google Meet was developed specifically for businesses. With a web app that you don't need to download, a dedicated dial-in number, and an app that directly benefits mobile users, Google Meet provides a great way to host online meetings.

    All you need to access their wide range of features is a Google account. You'll then get access to screen-share, adjustable layouts, privacy controls, an unlimited number of meetings, and a headcount of up to 250 people.

    This handy conferencing tool is the latest addition to 10to8's integration marketplace and means that virtual appointments just got even better.

    Check out our video tutorial for help getting set up.


    What can you do with this integration?

    Once you're set up you can:

    • Automatically generate Googel Meet links when you create a booking
    • Bookings within 10to8 will be automatically generated with a meeting link
    • Email reminders will automatically have a Google Meet link enabling attendees to easily join the virtual roo

    It seamlessly integrates with your Google Calendar sync, and all you have to do is head to the Calendar Sync page within 10to8 and enable Google Meet. Easy peasy, right?


    5. Stripe

    Stripe is a payment processing company that helps businesses accept and manage online payments. It’s a pretty big deal, too - over 3.1 million businesses use it across the globe. More and more businesses are using Stripe due to its simple user interface and high security. Plus, it integrates with a lot of popular online platforms, such as Shopify, WordPress, and of course, 10to8.

    If you run an online business, then using Stripe is a no-brainer. And for easily taking payments from your customers at the time of booking, 10to8’s integration with Stripe makes it easy.

    What can you do with the Stripe integration?

    The 10to8 integration with Stripe is simple. It will take only five minutes to set up and it means you don’t have to worry about any payment problems holding up your booking process. However, there’s a lot more to this integration than simply taking payments. The Stripe integration can also:

    • Make the payment mandatory at the time of booking so that customers have to pay upfront
    • Make the payment optional at the time of booking, so that customers can choose whether they want to pay upfront
    • See whether the client has paid when the booking confirmation arrives in your inbox, saving financial admin time and helping to avoid miscommunications with payments
    • Accept payments in multiple currencies, so you can easily manage clients overseas.


    6. Microsoft Teams

    For many businesses (especially those using Office 365), Microsoft Teams is an essential tool. It’s a chat-based workspace used by over a million companies worldwide that helps teams stay connected and collaborate on projects. Microsoft Teams also comes with a host of features, such as video calling, file sharing, and task management.

    zoom and teams integration

    If you’re looking for a way to improve communication and collaboration within your team, then Microsoft Teams is the perfect solution. It’s easy to use and it integrates seamlessly with all of your other Office 365 applications. It also integrates with 10to8.

    What can you do with the Microsoft Teams integration?

    Just like with Zoom, you can connect your Microsoft Teams account with your online booking software. 

    Once you have set it up, 10to8 will:

    • Generate automatic Microsoft Teams meetings for your virtual appointments
    • Allow customers to book virtual meetings with you through the online booking page

     You need to have a Business or Schools MS Teams account to use this integration.


    7. WordPress

    WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that helps businesses create and manage their websites. It’s extremely popular, with over 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022 using WordPress.

    Businesses love WordPress because it’s incredibly versatile. You can use WordPress to create any type of website, from a simple blog to a complex e-commerce store.

    Plus, one of the most important things for anyone with a business is to take bookings via their website. This is where 10to8’s integration with WordPress comes in. 

    What can you do with the WordPress integration?

    The WordPress integration is slightly different to the previous integrations. This is an easy-to-embed traditional WordPress plugin like the many others WordPress offers.

    Once you’ve installed the plugin and activated it, you can:

    • Take bookings through your website - they’ll be synced straight into 10to8
    • Customize the widget to your business’s branding
    • Choose multiple widget versions e.g. a widget that shows all services, location-specific or service-specific widgets.


    8. Facebook

    This goliath platform is to social media what Salesforce is to customer management. And, it's also somewhere that millions of businesses are building their brands and connecting with their customers.

    There are a few key reasons why businesses love Facebook. Firstly, it’s a great way to connect with your target audience. You can use Facebook to share your content, run ads, and build relationships with potential and current customers. Secondly, it’s very cost-effective. You can get started on Facebook without spending any money. It is also one of our most sought-after integrations.

    What can you do with the Facebook integration?

    10to8’s integration with Facebook simply allows you to:

    • Easily take online bookings via your Facebook page
    • Take advantage of Facebook's colossal potential reach to connect with more customers.

    Once you have 2,000 likes on your business's page, you can add a Book Now button and start driving action from your page.


    9. Google Classroom

    Last but not least, we have Google Classroom. This feature was added for all our higher education users. It is a free service that helps teachers create and manage their online courses. It’s very popular with schools and universities, as it makes it easy to deliver lectures and assignments online.

    google classroom

    What can you do with the Google Classroom integration?

    10to8’s integration with Google Classroom allows you to:

    • Sync all your students from your Google Classroom into 10to8 
    • Schedule classes via 10to8
    • Book your classes online
    • Allow students to book onto your classes via 10to8.


    How to manage your integrations in 10to8

    So, with all these integrations, how are you going to manage them? 10to8 also makes this very easy with a dedicated integrations tab within your account. 

    Once you’ve logged in, head to the menu on the left-hand side of the product. Scroll down until you find the tab labeled ‘Integrations’. Click this, and you’ll find a list of integrations that you can connect to your 10to8 account. From here, simply click the integration you’d like to set up and follow the instructions. Voila!

    For more information about how to manage your 10to8 integrations, see our support guide.



    Integrations can help you make your workload more manageable. They can connect different tools, allow you to manage everything in one place and automate tasks that are time-consuming. 

    By connecting your 10to8 account to some of the tools listed above, you can both speed up processes and boost your productivity. So, why not give some of them a try?

    To find out how some of these integrations can help boost your business, get in touch with us today!

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