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    10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software New Features | Q1 2021

    10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software New Features | Q1 2021

    We finished last year on a high note by helping care homes reunite families for Christmas and taking pressure off of NHS staff and healthcare professionals worldwide. See how we wrapped up 2020 here.

    And we kicked off 2021 with even bigger ambitions in mind. Here’s a sneak-peek into what we’ve been working on this year so far, and we’re only a couple of months in! Let’s take a look at the new improvements that we have released.


    New Exports page

    The new 10to8 Export Events page allows you to download all the information about your appointments in Excel format to help you understand your business better.

    When we say all – we mean all.

    You can download (and each of these is optional) all the customer contact details, the payment information, and even marketing fields so you can tell which marketing campaigns are successful in driving more business to you.

    You can export insights about the appointments, such as when they were booked or canceled, what communications were sent via SMS or email, and staff members assigned to appointments. Even payment details, private notes, and answers to booking questions can be included in your reports.

    You can also save these reports and schedule them to be run at a regular time, and you can have the reports emailed to you automatically. That way, if you run weekly reports, you can have them land in your inbox every Monday morning, instead of having to run by hand.

    Once the export is ready, you can create powerful reports in Excel or Google Sheets, create charts and graphs to visualize how your business is performing, and report to stakeholders, managers, or the board.




    Here are a few ways that our customers are using these new reports to inspire you…


    Helping patients attend urgent medical appointments

    As a medical administrator, you can easily find out the DNA (did-not-attend) rate for the past 6 weeks or so, so you can tell whether you need to add additional reminder messages for our patients.

    After introducing the new messages, the reports will help you showcase how patient engagement has increased so you can share the results with the rest of your NHS Trust or upper clinic management.

    You can also forecast demand and keep your clinics from getting overcrowded while keeping up with the high patient flow. Did you know that our reports have helped the North East London NHS Foundation Trust to double their booking capacity when they most needed it?


    Targeting the Covid Vaccine at the most Vulnerable

    As a Covid vaccination center manager, you can see demographic information about who has had their first and second doses. The exports can function as proof to local administrators that you are providing the vaccine to those in the high-risk categories.

    You can also track how long it took to deliver the first and second doses to patients and plan the roadmap to reaching patients in lower-risk groups.


    Finding cash down the back of the sofa

    As a small business owner, you need to be able to easily identify which of your customers haven’t paid you, so that you can chase them up. Small businesses have suffered enough with lockdown – every penny counts.

    In fact, if you spot too many customers who are dragging out payments, you can consider taking payments in advance, at the point of online booking with PayPal or Stripe.


    Speeding up hiring with job interview process insights

    As a human resources manager, you will be able to see how many job interview candidates canceled at the last minute before their interviews. This will help work out whether you need to improve candidate communications and identify potential issues with the interview process.


    Sales team performance reports

    As a sales manager, it’s important that you see how many calls each Sales or Business Development Reps have made so that you can assess their performance and pay commission.

    If you sync up 10to8 and Salesforce, you can gain even more powerful insights and identify bottlenecks in your sales pipeline.


    Marketing campaign performance reporting

    As a marketing campaign manager, you can assess how successful each paid ad campaign was in generating new leads for the business. No more guessing which campaigns you should raise the budget on: you’ll be able to identify the ones that drive not only clicks but new customers too.



    Follow-up Messages

    If you want to remind clients to book follow-up appointments, fill in a satisfaction survey, or review your business, you can now use 10to8 to take care of that for you. Automatically, without manual work.

    You can configure 10to8 to send an email, SMS, or voice message after an appointment to achieve any of these tasks. 10to8’s message templating allows you to customize these messages so that they sound tailored to the customer and written by you.

    You can also configure different messages for different services. For example, you only ask for Trustpilot reviews from established customers booking your higher-end services. Or if you offer a series of services, one following another, you can configure each service to automatically send a booking request for the following service, encouraging your customers to book each one in turn.




    One highly topical area this feature is being used is Covid vaccinations. 10to8 is now helping vaccination centers worldwide to schedule patients in for their shots, hopefully bringing us closer to the end of this awful pandemic. The new automated follow-up messages help ensure that, after their first dose, patients are invited back in for a second booster dose at the right time without manual work.


    How are you going to use these new features? Share your thoughts in the comment section so we can learn more about the ways 10to8 is and could be helping.

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