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    700% increase in appointments within just 12 months

    700% increase in appointments within just 12 months

    Aspiration Training were struggling with their existing booking system. SMS wasn’t integrated and they had to use multiple sites to schedule appointments. 10to8 helped them alleviate both these problems and dramatically scale their bookings.

    Moving away from an admin-heavy booking system

    Located in the UK, Aspiration Training provides the education part of apprenticeships. They run classes across a range of subjects including dental care, nursing, health and social care, and more. In June 2021, they were struggling with their existing booking system. It was causing a lot of admin work for staff members as they needed to run eight sites at once. They weren't able to automatically send SMS reminders either, so this was also very manual. As such, Aspiration Training chose to look for a tool that could allow them to send regular reminders whilst also bringing their multiple sites into one place. 


    700% appointment increase and high student engagement

    They looked at six different appointment scheduling providers before deciding that 10to8 was the best fit. After a short onboarding, they implemented the tool across the dental apprenticeship classes to test it. This was a huge success. After less than a year, they decided to roll out the system across the business and expanded nationally too. They've seen 700% increases in appointments booked online, reduced their no-show rate, and boosted student engagement.


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Aspiration Training is just one of the thousands of education organizations that keep their students safe and happy with 10to8. For instance, The University of Alberta took just 5 days to roll out a successful vaccination program for their students.

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