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    Safely reuniting families during COVID

    Safely reuniting families during COVID

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Atria were forced to close their case homes to protect their elderly residents. By utilizing 10to8, they were able to facilitate visits and keep residents connected with their loved ones.

    Reuniting families & promoting connections during COVID

    Atria Senior Living is one of North America’s most reputable assisted living and retirement community providers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to close their care communities for external visitors and non-essential contact for months. Their priority was to ensure the safety and health of community residents and employees but they were also keen to keep everybody happy and connected with their loved ones.


    Quickly introducing high-volume scheduled visits

    Atria Senior Living needed to automate highly manual processes to save time on visit scheduling and reallocate resources to other areas of their assisted living communities whilst providing the best possible customer experience that matched their reputation. 10to8 offered the very specific solutions that Atria care communities needed and allowed them to carry out millions of safe visits keeping their families closely connected and happy.

    “We looked at 2-3 other scheduling solutions and some of them were good for a single appointment type that we wanted to do more. We also needed to forecast demand and run powerful reports. But what really set 10to8 apart was the communication piece.” 

    - Abby Figueroa, SVP of Functional Operations, Atria Senior Living.


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Atria Senior Living is just one of the thousands of care homes that keep thei residents safe and happy with 10to8’s appointment scheduling software. Barchester, for example, were one of the first care homes in the UK to co-ordinate safe visits through COVID-19. 

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