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    Bridging the gap between students and teachers

    Bridging the gap between students and teachers

    Gateway Technical College needed a way to clear extensive backlogs and encourage students to seek medical attention when they needed it. With the help of 10to8, they implemented a system that appealed to both students and teachers.

    Clearing an extensive backlog at a college medical depertment

    Before implementing 10to8, Gateway's nursing and health departments were faced with challenging and extensive backlogs and students that weren’t seeking medical attention when they needed it. Their waiting lists were becoming long and unmanageable, eating into the college's medical resources.

    Creating a student-friendly booking system

    Working closely with 10to8’s Customer Support team, Gateway was able to create an online booking page that they could connect to via the school’s intranet. They also set up communications - automated appointment confirmations sent by both SMS and email to ensure students remember their appointments. Within three months following their 10to8 launch in July 2020, Gateway Technical College had begun to take over 1000 appointments per month for their students.


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Gateway Technical College is just one of the thousands of education organizations that keep their students safe and happy with 10to8. For instance,  The University of Alberta took just 5 days to roll out a successful vaccination program for their students.

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