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    A 70% student uptake and an 83% reduction in no-shows

    A 70% student uptake and an 83% reduction in no-shows

    Santa Clara Wilcox High School were battling an admin-heavy student pass system with a risky scheduling system. By switching to 10to8, they solved both their admin issues and security concerns

    Eliminating the need for admin-heavy student passes in a busy high school

    Located in Santa Clara, California, USA, Santa Clara Wilcox High School is one of the two public high schools in this district. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Santa Clara High School needed a way to manage its increasing number of student service appointments safely and efficiently. Their first trial of an appointment scheduling solution was with Calendly. Over time, there were several security concerns and they decided to switch to 10to8.


    Switching to a more secure booking system

    After a short onboarding and trial period of just three weeks, Santa Clara High School launched 10to8 across the school. Less than eight months after their launch, Santa Clara High School is incredibly happy with their results with 10to8. Their no-shows have dropped from 30% per day to less than 5% per month and a total of 1,400 students have used 10to8 to book appointments, 70% of their total student population.


    Scheduling appointments worldwide

    Santa Clara Wilcox High School is just one of the thousands of education organizations that keep their students safe and happy with 10to8. For instance,  The University of Alberta took just 5 days to roll out a successful vaccination program for their students.

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